making the complex simple.

User Experience /

Designing a good user experience starts with understanding the people that use your digital product, app or website. We strive to understand who they are, what motivates and what frustrates them as users. By keeping the user at the center of all of our processes, we can engage and delight people in a meaningful way – that is also effective for your business.

Strategy //

Before we start any design concepting, we spend time to understand your business and user goals. We gain insights, define objectives, and identify the key factors to success. Only then can we establish a design vision and plan that will lead to measurable business results.

Design ///

We are passionate about good design – the kind that is based in function and purpose but also enjoyed and desired by its users. We also believe good design is measurable, so we use an iterative design process that includes user tesing. Because in the end, our job as designers is not to decide what’s best for the user, but rather to find what they consider is the best for them.

Usability ////

Usability is about breaking down the barriers between a user and a task, making the tool or interface as transparent as possible. We evaluate existing and new designs with users to find what works. By using performance-based studies, we observe behavior and learn from users, thereby creating a user experience that is directly informed by your customers.

Metrics /////

The best designs are merely artwork if they don’t meet the goals of your business and users. We validate all of the work we do by quantifying and measuring the user experience and analyzing data to help make informed decisions. Our strength is not simply in measurement, but in identifying—and deploying—the appropriate tools to measure success.

Sean McKay
President, CEO

Mat Winegarden
UX Product Design Manager

Dawn Ealy
UX Program Manager

Aimee Meardon-Orris
Operations Director

Matt Arnold
UX Director

Grant Poock
Interaction Designer

Leah Becker
Interaction Designer

Adam Schneider
Senior UX Developer

Liz Harvey
UX Designer/Developer

Mindi Dixson
UX Project Lead

Mercedes Masias
Interaction Designer

Luke Smith
UX Analyst/Researcher

Nick Silhacek
Interaction Designer

Bobby Russell
Senior UX Developer

Brenton Ceaglske
Interaction Designer

Justin Wingard
UX Analyst/Researcher

Eui Yang, Ph.D.
UX Analyst/Researcher

Ron Polka
UX Design Lead

About us

ConnectFive was founded in 2006, as a user experience consultancy that specializes in designing digital products and services that are both meaningful for users and effective for business.

Over the past few years, ConnectFive has experienced rapid growth and has evolved into a user experience firm with a passionate staff of marketers, designers, and developers. We’ve strived to create a dynamic culture of creativity and critical thinking.

Our company name refers to the five pillars of user experience design. We use effective strategy to find the most effective solution. We employ principles of design to make the product or service useful, usable and desirable. The best practices of usability inform all of the work we do. We use appropriate metrics to validate the solutions we create. And we weave all of the foregoing disciplines into the best possible user experience for your customers.


ConnectFive works with clients to define, design and deliver user-centered interfaces for advanced vehicle and embedded devices. Our work explores advanced touch interactions with the challenge of making what is complex simple for users. We are committed to creating experiences that enable our customers to do their best work while delivering on the promises of our brands. We are a creative, passionate and growing team.

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